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The Morsel 4th April


It is great to be back and I must say a huge thank you tot the reders who have expressed such gratitude for the return of the Morsel. I have been energised by the enthusism and have backed up with another slab of old and new music for you to sink your collective fangs into. 

Onto the music.


Black Rainbows return with another full length no long off the back if their highly acclaimed Hawkdope. Refining their sound further on Stellar Prophecy, they have unearthed a far more Fu Manchu/Bob Balch guitar tone and groove (and cowbell!) Right from the off, Black Rainbows

hit their stride with the high energy and fuzz drenched opener of Electrify. With the vocals back in the pocket and the driving riff hitting right down the guts, this trio from Greece have taken me back to a time when I first heard the classic line "the falcon has landed" from the Fu's third release

In Search Of..... Things certainly become a little more inter stellar with the spaced out, effects laden colossal jam out, Golden Widow. Tune out and lock in. Complete psych-rock excursion.
These guys blew me and fellow Morseling, Stants, away at Desertfest a few years back and this outing is another solid contribution to their already very distinguished back catalogue.



Banquet is a new quad piece from San Francisco who have just release their 70's soaked jam filled full length Jupiter Rose. Hailing back to a time when riffs were everything and swindling guitar solos ruled the earth with Iommi the self proclaimed God and bands like Morgan, Radio Birdman and Dust were the underground, Banquet deliver a class act of 70's groove rock. In a heavily populated genre, Banquet sand up amongst veterans Radio Moscow and Graveyard as a real new light on the horizon. I really got into this record and made me want to dust off and play my Deep Purple records loud!

Another new band for the Morsel this week is Austin TX 4 Piece, Dual.
Reminding me of a good old fashion Kiss record with a modern overhaul and a fair injection of fuzz pedal, Dual have certainly delivered with stellar debut outing. Fans of Orchid and  Zodiac should definitely check these guys out. The album opens strong with some good old rock n roll boogie woogie, title track, "Fears of the dead" and continues into an hour or so of rollicking vocal lead retro rock. It is bookended with the stand out and longest track, the very Sabbath meets Floyd, Locked Outside. Overall a very strong debut with memorable choruses and a guitar tone which suggests that live might just be where this band really needs to be experienced.


The mighty Greenleaf are back! Now looking settled with their line up and with the additional of consummate and incredibly talented frontman , Arvid Jonsson , leading the vocals, and now Hans Frohlich (Dozer) driving the back end, Greenleaf are now anything but a Dozer side project but a firmly established headline act. The new release (get the vinyl mega pack) Rise above the Meadow is an absolute class act. The production on this record has to be heard to be believed. Their is not a wasted snare or ernie ball plucked on this colossal release. With not the immediate grab factor I had with Trails and Passes, I feel the complexity of this album is yet to fully unfold on me. That being said, since I dedicated a fair portion of a recent flight abroad to exploring this record with the head phone effect in full force, I can't help but feel this is the album will propel this great act to the heights they deserve and eventually surpass Trails and Passes. The thick undeniable tone of Tommy Hollapa's White firebird is ever present and keeps the whole thing chugging along like a superliner! If you haven't seen them live then put it on your bucket list. They smashed the Garage in London last month and are sure to feature heavily on the summer festival circuit. Stand out Tracks: A Millions Fireflies, Levitate and Bow & You're Gonna be my Ruin


Finally this week we delve back into a Morsel discovery. Valley of the Sun burst onto the scene with their incredible Saying of the Seers EP. They followed it up with the very strong Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk. They have now resurfaced with the first offering of their next LP with the track "The Hunt". Now supored buy the Truckfighters label, Fuzzarama Records, The Valley of the Sun have continued in their vein of full throttle, riff driven, stoner with sing a long choruses and enough crunch in the riff to keep the most die hard "pit rat" happy. A great new offering and a sign of thingsd to come. Welcome back Valley of the Sun.



So that is it this week. Some new and and some not so new and some interting new additions to the Morsel site. Plenty to look forward to in the next frw weeks and a Desertfest Preview not to far away. A special thanks to Purple Sage PR for their ongoning promotion of this scene and its acts. 


Unfortunately this Morsel has once again been written in the shadow of sadness as another family member of a Morsling passes. MC we are thinking of you brother and are sending much love to you and your family.  For you my friend, the song of the week is yours. See you ar Deserfest my friend.


Fuzz f'n Tastic


Golden Widow.

Levitate and Bow pt. 1 & 2

The Morsel 27th January 2015


Well officially, Happy Fuzzzin' New Year from The Morsel HQ.


Another huge year awaits in the stoner rock universe with live shows and new and exciting releases all lining up nicely. We got the year off to a great start with the Winter Warmer in Brixton a few weeks back. A great venue, cool vibe and great line up resulted into a huge weekend of fuzz. 


Onto the music.


So to start off the New Year we have two new additions to The Morsel and an old favourite that just seems to be gaining in momentum.

Starting in the stoner rock "mecca"?? Poland?

Palm Desert is a four piece of immense potential in the classic stoner sound. With 5 albums in the can dating back to 2008 they are not short on productivity. I discovered this band recently and have been nothing but impressed by their huge production sound harking back to the days when a wall of sound and driving bass line was everything these guys have a seriously good grooves going on and without stating the obvious influences I will go with Valley of the Sun as a possible gateway band. Their most recent release, Pearls from the Muddy Hollow (2014), is available HERE through there Bandcamp site however this week's track comes from their 2013 release, Rotten Village Sessions.

Palm Desert: Down the Odyssey.


OK, now I am fully aware that I featured The Midnight Ghost Train last start, however when you click play on the clip to your right, you might just understand why. With the imminent release "Cold was the Ground" on Napalm Records, TMGT seem to be generating a tsunami of momentum to support the release. Here is the next offering from the upcoming release. Great riffs, HUGE bass sound and a classic film clip to match, as previously stated on this site, me thinks TMGT are going to have a VERY big year. Being added to the Hellfest line-up shouldn't hurt too much either.


Finally this week, to continue the truly global nature of the scene at the moment, we head to Iceland.

The Vintage Caravan is a young power trio from the land of ice and snow from the midnight sun were and the…… sorry I got carried away there. Seriously though these guys are one of the lesser known retro rock acts around that has been dominated by bands such as Kadavar, Blues Pills and Graveyard for the last few years. Backed by Nuclear Blast Records and with their first full length “Voyage” getting great reviews, The Vintage Caravan head out to this year’s festival scene full of youthful exuberance.

Tune in, flare up and rock out.

The Vintage Caravan : Expand Your Mind


So that is it for this week. Gigs coming up are Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man (See Below) and of course the mighty Colourhaze on March 1st. see you sdown the front. (More central head nodding actually)


Song of the Week is dedicfated to the newest Morsling:

Isla Pascoe 27.01.15. Welcome and congrats DP and MP.


Fuzz f'n Tastic.



The Morsel 29th December

Well another year passes by and the final edition of the Morsel is here.

Firstly an apology for the lack up updates in the later part of the year. This has been due to a whole range of boring excuses which are not worth going into but I will endeavour to pick up the output rolling into 2015. So before I head into this week's offerings, I wish to look back briefly on some of the live musical highlights of 2014.

Live Shows:

1. Freak Valley: Seigen, Germany (Wo Fat, Mothership, SBE, TMGT, Kadavar ......)

2. Desertfest London (The Machine, Sasquatch, Kvelertak, SBE, TMGT, .......)

3. Dozer, Lowrider Steak @ The Garage

4.. Steak (Album Launch), Green Leaf and Sedulus @ The Borderline

5.Brant Bjork @ The Garage/ HOBP, Spirit Caravan and Unida @ The Garage/ Earthless @ Dingwalls/ John Garcia, Steak @ Islington Academy


With so much great live music this year, it's hard to put into a list but for me, Freak Valley was some what of a perfect storm and stood out amongst a stella list. Regret of the year is without doubt missing Desertfest Belgium.


So onto the music. For the final Morsel of the year I have decided to showcase 5 releases. 


First up is an out and out favourite here at the Morsel and that is The Midnight Ghost Train. Newly signed to Napalm Records and a new record, Cold was the Ground, almost ready for release, it is with great anticipation I present to you the first sample off the new album. Steve Moss has recently suggested that the new album is going to be something to behold and judging by the overall production of the first release, Gladstone, I am starting to believe the hype. With no less than 3 European visits planned next year, I can't wait to hear this record in full and see their "over to top" live show more than once this year. Go Royals!


The Midnight Ghost Train: Gladstone

Pre Order Here


Now when someone mentions Colourhaze and new record in the same sentence, I have seen grown men start frothing and feeling faint at the very idea. Reality is always the best remedy and December 2014 showcased this very event. With a London show on the 1st of March and a release date for the vinyl in February, The Highest Gods we Know was released on CD only on Dec 15th. Having heard only snips from this album so far as I'm waiting for the vinyl release, Colourhaze are back and no one does it better. Uberall is the track I will tempt you with today and Morslings, hold onto your proverbial shit as if you are prone to losing it while listening, or better still seeing, Colourhaze then don't say you weren't warned.

Colourhaze: Uberall


It is with great pleasure I introduce a new band (to the Morsel) from my home town, Melbourne, Australia. Don Fernando are a band that have been serving up their brand of early QoTSA fuzz and groove laden rock 'n roll for some time and I in fact first crossed paths with them on a Devils Kitchen Compilation back in 2007. Recently signed for the London Desertfest, following the traditional of one Aus band per year, and judging by the live reviews and rumblings coming out of Cherry Bar, they will pack one hell of a punch. Be sure to put these guys on the not to be missed list. To top off a great year for the band, they have also picked up a Melbourne support slot for the mightyTruckfighters.

Don Fernando: Release Me Now

Desertfest Announcement Here


Finally this year, I end with 2 new-ish releases both through the Ripple Music label.


Stubb is a band that need no introduction to readers of the Morsel and have had another great year, peaking with the release of their 2nd full length, Cry of the Ocean. Having seen this band no fewer than 4-5 times this year alone, it was great to finally hear many of their live tracks laid down into this new offering. Stubb have stuck to their 70's ooze of driving, lead heavy guitar, rolling bass and all round good time vibe. I definitely think Jack's vocals have improved on this release,  Pete Holland continues to deliver an interesting and varied bass line and Tom's jazz beats and tight rythym section holds it all together. I really hope this release gets the credit it deserves and I look forward to a few more beers and numerous venues around the city with these guys in 2015. Great release.

Stubb: Devil's Brew



Stablemates from across the pond, Mothership, follow up their huge debut release with the aptly titled Mothership II. Continuing with thier southern heavy freight train sound, Mothership have followed up with one hell of a record. This three piece Texan juggernaut keeps the Cosmic Rain falling throughout this release with epic tracks like Serpents Throne. (performed to an adoring throng at this years Freak Valley Festival.) The track  have chosen to share here is not completely in sync with the sound of the rest of the album but for me, this is it's beauty and for me is the stand out track on the record. Hopefully we will see these guys back in Europe in 2015.

Mothership: Tamu Massif


Ripple Music Bandcamp Page HERE




So another year draws to a close and what a hell of a year it has been for the down tuned disciples. I've a few people to thank before the year ends. A huge thanks to for continuing to bring the huge quality of bands to the UK, for the Press Pass to this year Freak Vallley Festival, Ripple, Acid Cosmonaut, Naplalm, Smalll Stone and all the record labels//bands who have sent be tunes to review,  and last be of course not least, the readers of The Morsel, who without I  would simply not have anything to share. Cheers to all. I look forward to continue catching many of you again in the New Year and meeting some of you for the first time at numerous gigs in 2015. 


Finally, with so many "Top 10", "Best of.." lists being circulated within this genre, I have just a simple Survey. Just let me know your favourite discovery bands or releases you have found through the Morsel. All Morsel's are archived so you can roll back through and find the bands/albums that have had your head nodding thoughout 2014.

Survey Here


Have a great fuzzin' New Year's and roll on 2015.


Fuzz f'n Tastic



























The Morsel 13th March

To coin a phrase from one of one of the bands reviewed this week, it is fair to say, this month we have hit the “mother load.” With so much great music coming across my virtual desk lately it has simply been a “no enough hours in the day” scenario trying to listen to it all. Fitting into this schedule was also the completely mind blowing experience which was Radio Moscow and Colour Haze live at the Garage. Needless to say, it has been a pretty great month to be a stoner rock fan in London.  Onto the music..


Having been privileged enough last year to see this band live twice, Elder have become a somewhat go to band for me. With their majestically crafted elongated jams and complex heaviness, this Boston 3 piece present their 3rd studio effort, Lore. What you are first presented with is the incredible art work by Adrian Dexter. (Something all bands this week have in common, the artwork not the artist.) In a somewhat  Wo Fat looking track listing we only get 5 songs, but with only Deadweight coming in under 10 mins, this is definitely a full serving of heaviness. The opening track "Compendium" greets us with Di Salvo ’s guitar work at its intricate best followed by the sonic boom presented by the back end driven by Matt Couto (Drums) and Jack Donovan (Bass). The tumbling bass of "Legend" paves way for one of the highlights of the record, where all three parts to this colossal sound wave hit their straps with DiSalvo’s vocals still bringing back memories of early Janes Addiction crooner Perry Farrell. The longest track and title track "Lore" is probably the heaviest outing on the record. Layers of wah flow over a complex song structures which leave the listener salivating at the possibility of hearing this live…hopefully soon. The album rounds out with "Deadweight" and "Spirit at Aphelion" (acoustic outing for some part) and in the interest of the listener, I leave these two to be discovered. I will leave you with this. I know these guys are in Europe this summer. If you haven’t seen these guys live yet, put it on your bucket list. This album completely places this band right up at the top of a very strong list of one of the best bands in this genre. This is an album that will be still right up there after all is said and done for album of the year. How knows, it might be fighting it out with my next review.


Readers of the Morsel need no introduction to The Midnight Ghost Train. After what has seemed like an eternity and after a postal shemozzle, Cold was the Ground finally arrived a week after release date. Ok, now I have been expecting pretty big things from this record after the few leaked Napalm Record videos. This combined with several glowing early reviews from other websites. What you are presented with is the bleak and desolate landscape of a decrepit, run down house and figure in grey scale. What we hear it a refined, tighter, heavier, bassier and flat out ball breaker of a rock n roll record. This record comes as no surprise and is the culmination of raw talent and bloody mindedness. This band tour and play hard. With three tours of Europe planned already this year, their move to Napalm seems to be paying off. Side One roars into life with an instrumental (as Buffalo did.) "Along the Chasm" paves the way for one of the stand out tracks and one showcased on this sight already. “Gladstone.” It is here we hear in full glory the inclusion of Mike Boyne on bass on this record, I’ve seen him live with the band a few times but this is the first outing on a recording. Rumbling, rolling, driving and so tight in the pocket with Brandon Burghart’s drums it is fair to say he has made his arrival very apparent on this exquisitely produced (all on analogue tape) wedge of raw fuzz. "BC Trucker" then showcases the exemplary song writing this album exhibits. Steve Moss’ vocals are as heavy and gravelly as we have come accustomed too and he has the Fender Amp absolutely fizzing through to the end. These songs are short, in ya face and uncompromising however they are diverse and interesting and keep you coming back for more. "Arvonia" opens with that rumbling bass again and drives through 4 mins of mood laden, vocal driven heaviness which would bring the house on the front cover to the ground if performed within a hundred miles of the dwelling. "One Last Shelter"  is a balls out, full throttle charger that catches the listener unaware with its subtle calming runs and tempo changes throughout. (Instrumental) Side 1 closes with "The Canfield" which to me drips with Moss’ blues influences and builds to a climatic crunching finale switching between wah and fuzz which again would be something to behold live. Over the B side! "Straight to the North" welcomes again the driving bass sound and rolling drums into a riff driven outing. With a slightly different feel to the earlier tunes, Moss tells a story throughout, but the standout for me on this track is the drumming of Burghart. Enjoy the groovy little wah solo towards the back half of the track. The following track "No.227" picks up the tempo again with a track that is going to send the faithful at every future gig into a frenzy. If you wanna get down the front, hold out for this track. Shit is going to go crazy! My favourite solo on the album. After that trip to hell and back the band then slow the pace down with an interesting (Rollins’esque) spoken word number that haunts and entertains on equal levels. It again shows the confidence and diversity this band now has and works and sits perfectly amidst the maelstrom surrounding it. "Twin Souls" awakens you from your everie and heads straight back to the riff. I am sure this is one they have jammed live before as it has a certain familiarity to it. You know where it’s going and you just groove with it. “It’s all right because I’m free!!” A double time finish brings it all to a head and shows again how tight this three piece is when they slot into the pocket! Time to bring this journey to a close. Enter, "Mantis." Heavy, furious, measured and the complete closer. Call it the “Mariano Rivera” of the album. A granite sized book end which closes out this sublime record with authority. This is the Album of the Year to date. Hands down. It is unrelenting, unforgiving and unapologetic with its raw power and infectious groove. Absolute class. Get out and see this band if you haven’t already. God knows they tour enough, there really isn’t any excuse. Australian readers, trust me, we are working on it! 


So we are lead done the long and winding road to a new "of sorts" release from the immortal Colour Haze. Officially released last year, (but not on vinyl) To the Highest Gods we Know is the new offering from the German pioneers of spaced out stoner groove psych rock. A genre they basically own, even if I did just make it up. We are presented with a stark wolf and egg front cover which is a contrast to other Colour Haze records, however what we have musically also has that feel of a band continuing to evolve and progress. Opening with "Circles" we hear that classic "Stefan Tone" and layered approach to elongated jams. This is a Colour Haze track hat would fit easily into any other recent release. Building, bass driven and vocals so laid back and soothing, you melt into this song completely and unsuspecting. The horns section  wake you from your misty eyed haze and take you up and beyond as only Colour Haze can do. "Paradise" and "Uberall" continue the groove, with the latter being the stand out live track last week and really sets the standard for the simplicity of this band in terms of riff based stoner psych rock. The second side takes a bit of a journey east where we are presented with the amazing title track of the record which again stretches the boundaries of what this band is about. Strings, horns and an eastern feel drift and flow through the jam. Rounding out this whole experience is a haunting vocal track repeating the lyric from "Circles" and completing the journey for the listener. They have done the record their way and when listened too without interruption it once again falls into the category of “master class.” Enjoy!


So to wrap up this week, I go full circle back to where my story all began. Melbourne, Australia. Don Fernando are a band fresh off  the back of a new release “Haunted by Humans”, a support of the mighty Truckfighters and on the precipice of heading back to Europe for a tour that takes in none other than the London chapter of Desertfest. This new release and tour is sure to propel Don Fernando beyond Melbourne pub band to international stoner contender. If you have ever wondered what happened when Fu Manchu and QOTSA got drunk and gave birth to a feisty little loud bastard love child, then Don Fernando is for you. Riff driven, punchy and catchy as hell, “Hunted by Humans” is a great release with highlights such as the title track “Haunted by Humans”, “Why”, “If You Say So”, “Motherload” and the stoner anthem (and my favourite track) that closes this tight as helll full length, “Older”. Dan Fernando is one not to miss at Desertfest and expect the Black Heart to be rocking and a rollin’ when these Melbourne boys, with the Cherry Bar coursing through their veins, arrive and raise hell.  


So that is it this time round. A bit of a marathon but I thank you all for any feedback or comments on any of the releases reviewed. To close out, in celebration of finally booking a “trip” home (pardon the pun) to Melbourne this July, song of the week is the almighty “Trippy Wicked” and their title track, Going Home. The stand out track to their recent Winter Warmer performance at the Windmill in Brixton.

Fuzz f’n tastic.


STOP PRESS: I am listening to "Lore" by Elder as I write this final entry. Holy shit this is some release. How the hell do they write this stuff!! 

We are all Doomed!!
Desertfest ’15  Preview

So with just days to wait for the next epic instalment of the latest London Desertfest offering, we all find ourselves (those lucky enough to have a ticket) searching for the chosen path through the fuzz and doom that will descend on Camden Town. With set times released and clashfinders open we are presented with what is probably the most genre diverse DF to date. As I look at the “non negotiables”, “the maybes” and “the not a chance, I need to have a few beers in the Black Heart,” I can see a serious amount of venue hopping ahead. This year we are also presented with the addition of the Jazz Cafe, Koko and Purple Turtle to confuse matters. We have now all venues available that have been used over the first 3 years at different times.


So instead of running through my entire list, as last year I have compiled a sort of Top 5. Some obvious but hopefully some that might generate some discussion.  This being said, I can’t wait to find out who are going to be the bands that I didn’t see coming or the bands you planned to check out, that blow your head off. Read: Glowsun 2013, ASG and TMGT 2014.


First Up, let’s be honest, Saturday morning is going to be a struggle and when you are struggling there is nothing like being at home. So with the latter not being an option, where would I rather be that in the Black Heart, on Anzac Day with Melbourne’s own Don Fernando. Right in the middle of a European tour taking in Spain, France and the UK, these guys are ready to bring the fuzz and will be the catalyst and launching pad to great things to come on Saturday. So get down early, wash away the hangover with a VB, I mean Hells, and rock out. Organise the Aussie Rules Anzac Day game on the tele and I might not leave.

Track: Take You


Jeremy Irons and The Ratgang Malibu’s are a band that have intrigued me greatly since first hearing  their epic release, Spirit Knife. Sounding like a mix between Floyd, Jeff Buckley and Samsara Blues Experiment they have such a unique sound that, in a festival dominated with doom and stoner, I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing what this export from Sweden bring to the table. Being in the Small Stone stable certainly is as good a backing as I need and I forsee a lot of eyes closed, cruise out moments as the hangovers drift away and we get back in the saddle.

Track: Fog by the Steep



Now if Saturday is going to be a struggle, then we all know what is coming on the Sunday. Glowsun blew our faces clean off 2 years ago and it was Black Rainbows turn last year. My Sleeping Karma, the cosmic and tantric psych rockers from Germany are back to Desertfest after a few years and open up a Sunday at Koko which looks on paper as one hell of a line up. Instantly drawn to this band with their eastern spin on tripped out, elongated jams, M.S.K are a band I have never seen live so it is with great excitement to see them open up the Sunday in a slot that in years gone by, has been one of the best sets of the weekend. No pressure.

Track: New Song: Prithv





OK so this one might be a little predictable but who cares. Brant Bjork is the most desert thing about this Desertfest. He always brings the groove and with his new band, The Low Desert Punks, he certainly is on top form. Anyone who saw his performance at the recent Coachella, (although sparsely attended) BB has his mojo flowing and is going to bring it loud and proud to his co headline slot on Saturday at the Electric Ballroom. We have all seen him before, we know what to expect and we will all love it so predictable, yes, inevitable, damn straight!

Track: Where you from Man




So onto my fifth and slightly controversial offering. To many, Sleep are the band of the weekend. They were named as headliners almost before the last Desertfest was over. Every blog, website, and fansite in this stoner genre will tell you as much and nearly everyone you speak to hold this band in some kind of holy mantle in the stoner scene. For me, (I said this was controversial) I just have not got into them. I see the appeal, I like some of their stuff but I am missing something. So this is  a band I MUST see. I am going into this one with eyes and ears completely open. I am expecting to be blown away. I am expecting to be converted. I am expecting to finally get it. So many people with identical playlists to mine, can’t be wrong. Koko is the perfect setting for the event, Deserfest is the perfect timing. Sleeeeeeep!

Track: Dragonaut.

So there it is. No particular order and a hell of a lot of other bands not mentioned but on the MUST SEE list.Not to mention the After parties. Steak on the Sunday at 11pm. Jeeeeeesus!


So with 2 sleeps to go I shall see you all there and look out for the new Morsel Stickers or cards dotted around the place. Come up and say G’day. Can’t miss me, I’ll be the guy with the beard and truckers cap.

Fuzz f’n Tastic

The Morsel 15th April 

The morsel is now flowing fast and furious. Great bands and great riffs are flowing at full speed through Morsel HQ and the continual growth of the Morsel's own, Into the Sun, is creating great excitement. Look out. So onto the music.

Samavayo exploded into Morsel headquarters with an opening riff that would ignite the brass balls from the deepest stoner slump. It is not until the vocal opens up that we realise we are listening to something quite unique. With sounds reminiscing the mighty System of the Down and a cataclysmic collision of East meets West, this crushing 3 piece from Berlin certainly stay true to their  sound through the seven track full length offering Dakota. Punchy and rhythmic at the same time, this rock outfit, in its most classic form, offer plenty. From QOTSA jams to classic Deep Purple riffs (such as Cross the Line) Samavayo are a band that all stoner rock fans are instantly going to connect with. Great production and driving riffs keep their sound fresh and inventive from track to track. Look out for the title track Dakota. This is the Morsel offering (Listen to the end! A blinder.)
Fans of Karma to Burn dial into "Intergalactic  Hunt" which is an absolute stormer in terms of instrumental slab rock.  Even those who listen right through will be rewarded with the band's final track Kodokushi which certainly at least nods a head in the direction of Maynard and friends. Overall Dakota is a sublime offering.

Second up this week is the impending second release from London's impressive Elephant Tree. Following the resounding success of the crushing heavy and groovy (in equal amounts) Theia, they return with a self titled release. Having only heard what they have released so far on their Bandcamp sight and having read several rave reviews (Click Here for Obelisk) the band certainly have taken a huge step in developing their sludgy harmonic riffs. With "Dawn" we get genuine harmonies through the vocals perfectly entwined with the unmistakable broken down fuzz creating a wonderful tapestry of tone, driving the whole thing forward. Tight, heavy, tuned way down and with complete cruise out riffs will keep you wanting to know what's next with the second release. Playing the Summer Sizzler in Brixton later in the year, Elephant Tree are a band we will hopefully see a lot of in the coming months. Having not yet seen them live, I for one can't wait to have my face melted.

Swedish fuzz'sters Deville first made waves on the Morsel with there release Hydra and in particularly the opening track, Lava. They then followed this up with an equally impressive set at the Black Heart during the second Desertfest. Late last year the band released another heavy chunk of Scandinavian Stoner with their latest edition EP. Make it belong to Us. Once again we are hit from the get go with a huge driving drum sound and clear distorted guitars. Tight riffs and some singable choruses remain on this outing and the offering this week is from deep on side 2 and a bit of an initial stand out track. Fans of Dozer take notice. Enjoy.


Finally this week I end the week with a treat. They're back........ Everyone favourite Nordic Metal Fusion band (is that a thing?) Kvelertak. Following the unrivalled success of their first two releases which resulted in the band securing support tours with Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax, they have returned with their 3rd full length, Nattesferd. Due for release on May 13th, they have release the first 2 singles from the album, each of which again show the range and diversity of the band. The first "1985" is a tribute to Van Halen whose last album with David Lee Roth was called 1984. This is bound to dived the masses.  The second is a much more schizophrenic outing into thrash roots. Berserkr. Both songs have their merits and as always Kvelertak is very much a hit or miss band for many of you but for those fans out there, enjoy. 

So that's it for this week. Desertfest is fast approaching and preparations have begun to narrow down a top five for the annual festival preview. Until the lose yourself in the music and play it loud.
Fuzz f'n tastic

The Morsel 28th September

Stoner rock is a brand that is slapped on basically anything downtuned or fuzzed out these day. A genre that has spread far and wide and in and out of many other genres. Doom, Retro, Space, Psych all have a "Stoner" moniker attached somewhere so to celebrate this diversity I am going to present 4 tracks this week from all corners of the stoner map.


Starting with perhaps the most classically "stoner" band of the four, Valley of the Sun are a four piece from Cincinnati, Ohio who burst onto the scene with their critically acclaimed second release Sayings of the Seers. (Obelisk Review Here) There second release sounding like the title of a Raymond E Fiest book,  Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk is another masterclass in clean sounding heavy stoner rock. Beautifully produced and dripping in class, this vocal lead fuzz quartet are poised to bring their sound to Europe again as they play the Belgium incarnation of the Desertfest brand, next month. 

Track: As Earth and Moon


Elephant Tree is the latest project from Pete Holland (Trippy Wicked/Stubb) and definitely fits the bill of crossing a range of stoner genres but heavily backed by the doom influences of days gone. Dropping in some sitar into the mix works as it injects some Eastern influence into the intense, building and grinding riff that pays homage to doom legends like Electric Wizard with is rolling and winding guitar work. This track is the first release of the soon to be released EP "Theia" Fans of the darker side of the genre will definitely enjoy this modern, really impressive interpretation of the immense doom genre.

Track: Attack of the Altaica


Retro rock is a genre in the stoner world that has risen to epic proportion through bands like Kadavar, Graveyard and Germany's Zodiac. Having missed them at London Desertfest, I was lucky enough to see them play an early sunny Saturday set at Freak Valley. Defintely a more mainstream sound than the previous 2 bands featured with throughbacks to the halcyon days where blues, jazz and dirty rock n roll first blended. Zodiac really mix up their sound through their "A Bit of a Devil" release (Sputnik Music review here) and if you like the sound out this, be sure to check out their more recent outing Hiding Place and their soon to be released Sonic Child.


Now speaking of Freak Valley, Tuber. This instrumental psych stoner band have been named for next year's festival. Having not heard these guys before my interest was raised and after the first minute of their collosal Desert Overcrowded release, I was hooked. Fans of Monkey 3 definitely need to check out this band. Dripping in phaser infused, tripped out, fuzz soaked jams, Tuber remind me at times of the sound created by Denmark's own psych improvisional magicians, OSC. This is one to sit back and immerse ones self in. Click the link in Featured Bands to go to their bandcamp site. TD I think your gonna love this band. Desertfest London, make it happen! Enjoy.


So that's it for this week. Plenty coming up including the line up to end all lineups, Belgium Desertfest. (Check Here), (unfortunately going to miss that one, gutted. London has a few gigs in the pipework however so all is nnot lost. Lonely Camel, Earthless, The Shrine, Truckfighters, Garcia/Steak & Brant Bjork all before Christmas. Check out the Desertscene website HERE to see all things stoner in the capital. 


Fuzz f'n Tastic

The Morsel 15th May


Sometimes when I sit down to write the Morsel it is out of a feeling of duty and other times like today, it just writes itself. Consider this, two weeks from Desertfest I am presented with the following line up. ASG, Steak, Samsara Blues Experiment, The Who, The Desertfest All-Dayer, The Midnight Ghost Train, Mos Generator, Elder and Mr Garcia. All in the space of 21 days in June and July. Sometimes London shits me to tears and other days I can’t believe my luck at being in the right place at the right time. I know Aussie readers will simply be drooling at this proposition on the back of their “Desertfest”, Cherry Rock just rolling by last weekend. (which from reports was a great day out with the mighty Red Fang closing it out)  

So where the hell does one go this week with the Morsel?

Well luckily, colliding with this cataclysmic arrival of the colossal quartet (ish) (it just rhymed better) we are blessed with a range of new and old tracks that have come through my ear waves in the last weeks.  Onto the music.


Goatsnake!!!! An incredibly important band in this whole stoner landscape are back and are (all but) headlining Freak Valley on Friday night, sorry Blues Pills. A band that has evolved out off the demise of The Obsessed and whose members have included none other than Mr Scott Reeder ARE BACK! This is a band that I have only recently really given the time they deserve and it has been Flower of Disease where I have really locked in with there sound. They are going to tear Freak Valley apart with their southern groove doom concoction and hearing this track “El Coyote” live, amongst others, is going to be epic.


Kadavar really need no introduction to The Morsel so I will keep this brief. They are back! They have got a new track that still oozes that 70’s sleaze groove and tight precession we now expect from this incredibly polished and international outfit.

Kadavar:  Into the Night


Another band that also has had plenty of praise and airplay on The Morsel is Virginia Beach’s own surfin’, smokin’, skatin’ mofos, Freedom Hawk. One of the single reasons I am returning to Freak Valley this year, these guys bring their riff laden, full steam ahead, freight train right back at ya with their new release, Blood Red Sky. Can’t wait for this one Netphen. Might be nice to come to London though.

Freedom Hawk: Blood Red Sky


OK, onto the new stuff. When one mentions Sungrazer in these circles, one generally gets a collective appreciative sigh followed by the unfortunate division into those who did and those who didn’t see them live. Thanks to what ever powers that be, I was lucky enough to fall into the “those that did” and will always hold that dear. Cigale have evolved from Rutger (Guitar) and Hans (Drums) from Sungrazer and bring their psychedelic, smooth space jams through this new medium. Expanding on the “spacier” moments from the two Sungrazer masterpieces, Cigale really offer something different and their captivating harmonies and dream like jams are nothing short of mesmerising. A beautiful release. Get it HERE.

Cigale: Harvest Begun


Now to finish this week we go local. STRAUSS!  A London stoner outfit who don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve. Their first release was reviewed on this site a few years back and they have recently reeased their follow up, "Luia" recorded at the Bear Bites Horse Studio,This crossed my desk a few weeks back and let me tell you, this band has seriously evolved. Bringing an obviously much bigger sound, it is hard not to make comparisons with Cape Fear rockers ASG. I really think this band are on the verge of big things in the London scene and just need to be picked up. Gravelly and harmonising mixed vocals, strong twin guitar riffs and a solid and tight back end, Strauss are a band that have the whole package and one I truly look forward to seeing pop up on a few more Desertscene posters in the coming year. Solid release and one worth checking out HERE.

Strauss: Mud at You


So that's it. A short one this week as simple the music does the talking. What a great bloody time to be a stoner in London.

Fuzz F'n Tastic.


PS: Jeremy Irons and the Ratgang Malibu, Spirit Knife and Bloom have basically not been of rotation in a fornight. good thing, as I was about to carve a groove through Elder's Lore!

Song of the week has to be ASG. Live at Borderline...Really??

The Morsel 30th May

Sometimes in life you have to make decisions. Decisions that are sometimes bigger than what they appear on the surface. Sometime things are bigger than fat fuzzy riffs, not many, but there is such a list. So it is with that introduction I come to this week’s Morsel with the sad news that the Morsel annual trip to the Netphen forest for Freak Valley will not go ahead this year. A last minute decision has been made and well, it was just not to be. What can one say...onto the music with the consolation news that in the next 6 weeks I WILL SEE Stubb, Prosperina, The Midnight Ghost Train, Steak, ASG, Samsara Blues, Mos Generator, Elder and John Garcia. Hmmmmm...things now seem OK.


Where else does one start this week’s Morsel than with The Machine. With announcements this week that the long awaited new album “Offblast” now has a release date for later this month (Vinyl a little later), we are given a sneak peek inside Rotterdam’s finest purveyors of psychedelic maelstrom fuzz. Coda Sun opens with a frantic drum beat and quickly drops into a lead led groove paving a way through to deep set vocals heavily dripping with effects.  With a hypnotic effect with both sound and visuals that we are so accustomed to this band, I think I’ll just let the music do the talking. This is going to be one hell of an album.  Obelisk Review Here. CS this one’s for you brother.


Bonus Video for anyone who hasn’t seen these guys live. Enjoy.


Onto another new release from the psych rock stable, German pioneers of east meets the desert, My Sleeping Karma. Moksha is the band’s latest release and having only listened through a couple of times I can assure all fans of this band and those yet to become converted, that they have again delivered a master class. With arrangements again different from previous releases but familiar enough (more keyboard driven tracks) and more “songs” to get hooked on, rather than riffs, Moksha is a beautiful mix of cruise out blissful moments and crushingly heavy riffage, courtesy of one of the fastest right hands in the business, Seppi. The video to this week’s title track Moksha is also one to get lost in. TD, this one’s for you.


So onto the final track this week and instead of new, I’m going back. Having watched Such Hawks, Such Hounds AGAIN a few weeks back, I decided it was finally time to give the Dead Meadows, a band that get a lot of air play in the film, a look in. A band that have been on the scene since the late 90’s,  this 3 piece that hails from Washington DC and stacks an impressive back catalogue of 11 albums in nearly as many years. A mix of old and new, this jam based guitar driven band have a lot to offer the new listener. With such a diverse back catalogue I found pretty much every nuance of 70’s and stoner rock present, this is a band I definitely a band I plan to spend a lot more time with. The track this week is from the 2013 release Warble Womb called “Six to let the light shine thru.” Zone in and bliss out.


Closing out the week, I have a taster for UK and Europe readers and just a straight up mean flaunt of what’s on its way to Europe for readers elsewhere. The colossus of Elder in on its way and they bring with them Lore.


Bonus Video II:  Elder Live (2 weeks ago in Santa Ana)


So that is it. Freak Valley Freaks, have a bloody great weekend and hopefully our triumphant return in 2016 will be worth the wait. Otherwise I will bump into many of you over the next few weeks at the many London gigs mentioned earlier. Also if you have not checked out the new Morsel Facebook page. Check it out HERE and Like 


Song of the week: One of my favourite songs covered by one of my favourite bands. What's not to like MC!


Fuzz f’n Tastic.

The Morsel


What a week!!

It’s not every day you can sit down at the end of a week and just blink and question if that really happened.  After a stinking hot week in London, (yes London) and back to back gigs featuring Stubb & The Midnight Ghost Train followed by a night of Mos Generator, Elder and John Garcia, I am left with this very proposition. Hearing and seeing The Midnight Ghost Train again up close and personal just reinforced my dedication to this band. Steve Moss and Co. came out and smashed their way through a set stacked full of new tracks from one of the albums of the year, Cold Was the Ground. Powerful, incredibly tight with some staggering riff breaks and harnessing energy from somewhere as the rest of the capital wilted,  The Midnight Ghost Train lived up to their reputation as one of the best live bands on the scene. Epic.

Awaking on Thursday morning, ears still ringing, it was time to back up as Thursday night would see the return of Mr Garcia to London but this time with Mos Generator and the band of the moment, Elder, in tow. Due to prior commitments I was not able to get their for Mos Generator but fellow Morsel Members MC and CS were very impressed. For me tonight was all about Elder. Lore has to be one of the albums of the year, if not decade, such is its following and the early crowd showed up in earnest to support these claims. Opening with Dead Roots Stirring and then flowing seamlessly into Lore opener, Compendium, the place erupted and were mesmerised at the ease at which front man Nick DiSalvo reproduced a note perfect performance and the huge sounding back end supported by Matt Couto (Drums) and the driving bass of Jack Donovan. With time chances galore, riff  after riff was laid down and their 50min set seemed to be only just started when it drew to a close. Mindblowing.

Now when a support band lays down that kind of performance, it takes quite the band to set up. Any doubts where put immediately to rest as Mr John Garcia nonchalantly eased onto the stage. Garcia stepped up and absolutely smashed it. Without doubt this was the best performance I have seen from him and as if feeding of the electric atmosphere in the Garage, he tore his way through his wide ranging catalogue of Kyuss, Garcia and Slo Burn tracks. Needless to say the place was going absolutely fucking crazy by the time the opening riff to Green Machine ripped its way (literally) through the house PA. (Note to Garage: You might need to replace a few speakers) This was a huge night and Garcia and band were well up for it. The merch area became an unofficial after-party and all bands were present for photos, signings and drunken ramblings of the adoring throng. On the trek home I was left evaluating if I had ever seen a better gig?!?!? Still working that one through but quite possibly not. Phenonmenal.


So onto the music.

As I have an impending trip back to Melbourne in the next few weeks this will be the last Morsel for a bit so endure with me. It is a long one.


With the aforementioned impending trip home, it only seems fitting we start there. The mighty Mammoth Mammoth! This Melbourne four piece have quickly risen up the ranks and are now rated  as one of the best live bands going around and now four albums deep and rolling with Napalm Records, they seem to be hitting Europe like a freight train. About to be unleashed on Europe once more with their Hammered Again Tour, Mammoth Mammoth bring their mix of heavy, bone crushing, gut punching, sleaze rock to the continent. Dripping with hallmarks of old Melboune rock greats such as Seaweed Gorillas and the mighty Powder Monkeys, these guys are going to turn some heads when they crash through their 15 date Western Europe tour. 

Tracks : – Go and Looking Down the Barrel


Next up I am staying with Melbourne bands and I turn my attention to another band who have just swept through Europe on a tour with the mighty Freedom Hawk. Seedy Jeezus. Bringing a more 70’s influenced sound to the plate, this Melbourne 3 piece have had great reviews all throughout the tour and from first listen, they seem to be the perfect touring sound for Freedom Hawk. Rollicking riff based grooves are in abundance with these guys and are certainly a band I will be checking out further in the next few weeks. Time to start consulting the Melbourne gig guides as the scene seems to be really thriving and throw into the mix Don Fernando and Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene amongst others, it would seem I might have a few nights out upon my return.

Track: Universal Overdrive


So plenty of new music has been coming through recently and in between an almost constant soundtrack of Lore, I have come across a couple that really stood out. Here is a selection of some new bands and some releases from Morsel staples and some that I have just been sitting on for a while.

Hound – A three piece heavy psych band from Rome have just released their debut album called Kong and mixed really heavy doom laden riffs with some throaty vocals to produce a fresh interpretation of the classic doom sounds of obvious influences of Sleep and St Vitus etc.

Track – Orpheus


Space Fisters are a new three piece from France that also bring a current mix of space/psych/stoner and heaviness to the table. Their release Vol 1 available HERE sounds great. A huge sound with and even bigger bottom end and distant chasm like vocals drive through this 4 track release. There is plenty of “space” and ambient groove to this band and they are a band I think we are going to hear a lot more from in the near future. If you’re a fan of Earthless, Sleep and big sounding bands like Borracho and Black Rainbows then these guys are definitely worth spending some time with.

Track – Bozz


This leads me seamlessly to Black Rainbows. Their "no so new" release Hawkdope has been out for a while now and I have only just got around to giving it a real go. This Italian 3 piece continue to deliver their brand of 90’s power/stoner rock. Dripping with influences from Monster Magnet and the mighty Fu Manchu, Black Rainbows are establishing themselves as a front runner in this incredibly packed genre and with Hawkdope they have delivered a slab of rock with screaming lead breaks and enough riffs to keep even the most riff worshiping heathens a bay. Great release.

Track – Prophet 


Glowsun!!! The band that literally caved my chest in at Desertfest a few years back have returned with their third outing - Beyond the Wall of Time. The 3 piece from Lille, France, have once again delivered a chest cave-able sound on the first released track, Behind the Moon. Sticking to their brand of instrumental stoner power groove, they bring riff after riff straight at you on this one but still leave space for their eerie sounding licks and leads that leave me wanting to  see this band perform in an old run down gothic castle or dungeon! I can’t wait to see these guys live again and I’m looking forward to checking out the entire album.

Track– Behind the Moon


So this brings this EPIC Morsel to a close but before I go I want to leave you with one final track. Recently a close friend of the Morsel TD has been through a very challenging time and I want this final track to be a tribute to him. TD, we love ya mate and you are in our thoughts. This one is for you.

Fuzz f’n Tastic!


Electric Moon are a German acid/psych/jam band who specialise in long distant “trips.” Their brand of “jam based elongated with trips into the pysch rock world rock” is unique and almost unchallenged. Fans of Samsara Blues and Colourhaze might want to check these guys out. I was gutted to miss these guys at the recent Freak Valley festival and hope to one day experience this live. Instrumental, spaced out and heavy, Electric Moon are something to behold. TD, enjoy.

The Morsel 21st March


The Morsel returns with a bang after a lay off that has seen a glut of music hit my inbox and therefore ton of new and newly discovered music to bring to you this Morsel. Having had a bit of a break from writing this blog, with the quality of new releases and with Desertfest around the corner, I thought it was time to get busy again.


Is there anywhere else to start?

Wo Fat are back!. Having had a bit of a break (in Wo Fat standards) since The Conjuring, Wo Fat return with the first sample of their upcoming release Midnight Cometh. "Three Minights to Midnight" from the off drives home those Texan fuzz drenched blues we are accomstomed too and signal a return of Stump, Wilson and Walter to their absolute best. Complete with the mid song drop out groove, Wo Fat have left Pandoras Box wide open with this sampe and we wait with bated breath for the release. (Hopefully in time for their Desertfest semi-headline show later next month)


Up next, All Them Witches are a band that I have found far too late but have barely been off rotation since late December. Having missed them at their sold out shows in London, I have been trawling through their many live albums on their Bandcamp Page. (I have also heard that most of the recent European shows from this tour will be made available free, through the same website.) Their latest release " Dying Surfer Meets His Maker" is a beautiful mix of chill and clean guitar indipersed with powerful and truly Nashville fuzz guitar that add to the alure of this true melting pot of genres band. I have included the last two tracks of the album to show of the pure genius of this band. (Listen in order)


Disatriod are a San Franciso three piece with an imprerssive back catalogue and a sound which hits you full frontal. With echos of the greats like Fugazi and undeniably Helmet, Disatriod have released their new 7", Love is what you Bring Home. This is my first encounter with the band and after a few listens I started to hear more Fatso Jetson in there with an intense but very listenable vocal track. These guys are really starting to make a name for themselves and having a good listen through their back catalogue, it is not surprising to see why. If you like your music upfront and more jagged with a relentless back line and Helmet - Strap it on, still gets a play every now and then, then this band is definitely for you.


More new music. The interestingly named The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers, bring their full throttle fuzz infused riffage straight through the front door with a good time vibe. Reminding me at times of Eagles of Death Metal, this Parisian 4 piece serve up a generous slab of good time rock n roll with their debut offering "Me and the Devil" The track I offer you up is - Car Crash.  A band with some really interesting interpretations of a heavily saturated Stoner genre, they were a refreshing change and a band that I can only think would come to life live. 


Finally this week is a new band from Portland, Oregon, R.I.P.

Their debut album In the Wind drips with Sabbath with early metal overtones. This album is impecably mixed and really keeps the foot down from start to finish. The highlight for me with this sound is the laid back and delayed/echo vocals which fit perfectly with the tombstone skeletal cover art and downtuned 70's drone. Thetrack "Tremble" perfectly catches their tone and is the perfect entry track to this very impressive debut outing. Enjoy. 


So that's it for this week. With an inbox still crammed full on new music, including Valley of the Sun, Deville, Beesus and many more,I can't see this being a long break. I also have the annual Desertfest Preview just around the corner.


Fuzz f'n Tastic!

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